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Web Design

We offer our clients a comprehensive plan for webdesign that addresses the look and feel of a site, information architecture and flow, full content management and SEO.

We love to build sites that function flawlessly, flow easily and look terrific! At the same time we are committed to creating beautiful sites that entice site visitors to browse around, keep them engaged and interested. We believe that design should support site structure and flow, and work with search engines to keep your site in front of visitors who are searching for your content. Take a look at our portfolio to see this in action.

Site Assessment

We start by looking at what you have. What’s working? What isn’t? We assess the success of your current site design and talk to you in detail about what can be improved upon. A careful analysis of how well you are leveraging your content for search engines is also made at the start.

We examine the visuals of the site: does it draw you in? Is it easy to read? Are the images inviting and professional? We take a close look under the hood: is your site structure hindering you? Is it set up in a way that leverages your keywords and content as well as possible? We also assess the functionality on your site: are site users getting the most from their experience on your website? Are you closing sales and booking rooms? Is it easy to do that or difficult? We will give you a detailed and honest report on your current site and let you know where you have room for improvement.

We also offer a deeper Site Assessment as a stand alone service. If you are interested in this, please contact us to schedule with us today. We will thoroughly investigate your site design, structure and inbound links and supply you with a detailed report on the status of your site for you and your current web master. Pricing varies on size of site. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Site Structure & Planning

The way information flows on your site is very important to its success. The web allows us to guide the site user in a way that print doesn’t and we understand how important this is. Our systems work to keep users on your site and complete the call to action: booking a room!

If a site is not easy to navigate, users will get frustrated and the connection you have with them will be broken. How many times have you visited a site only to end up on a page with no clear way back to where you had been? Our sites feature clear and logical navigation to both site users and search engines. The easier site users can navigate your website, the faster they can book a room. And that will make everyone happy. From years of watching years of site analytics and destination site use trends we understand how people interact with these websites, and how to create sites that give users what they want fast and easy.


Great images are KEY to a great website. If your current set of pictures is out of date we can help you locate a photographer to shoot your location for you. We can also assist with photo research to find great stock images that show off your location or new services you may have added.

It’s true. A destination or property website is only as good as the images that populate it. The photographs on your website are your voice online! So, what are your images saying? Hopefully they are showing off your beautiful rooms, your well tended gardens and the attractions in your area (all in great light with perfect composition).

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