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Pay Per Click

Actively bring clients to your website with Pay-Per-Click advertising from DobayDesign. Unlike those do-it-yourself sites and other PPC companies, DobayDesign offers 100% strategic, hands-on campaign management. Our clients are always given a campaign tailored specifically for their unique situations and needs. To control your costs and still receive effective marketing for your advertising budget while generating quality traffic to your website contact us today!

The Hospitality industry is filled with all different sizes of businesses from small, quaint B & B’s to large chain conglomerates. Because of this and the differing locations, your website may not need active 24/7 campaign management each month; the market your business is located in may not be that aggressive. That’s ok! DobayDesign offers packages for small markets which may be what you’re looking for.

For those larger businesses, DobayDesign offers packages with full monthly management services. In cases where a more aggressive campaign strategy is needed, our experienced staff can help by monitoring and adjusting your campaign on an as-needed basis.

We believe that Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns are one part of what can help to make your business more profitable. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Option 1: PPC Campaign Setup and Training for Bed & Breakfasts & Inns in Smaller Markets

For clients in smaller but active markets, we offer the following services:

  1. Full PPC Campaign Setup: We perform thorough keyword research, create a keyword list, write ad copy, set up the campaign within Google AdWords, and set up tracking and reporting through Google Analytics.
  2. PPC Management Training: We train your Ecommerce Manager or other team members so you can manage your campaign in-house.
  3. Quarterly Consultation: Every quarter, we review your campaign and provide a report to tell you how your campaign is performing and converting. We’ll also make any necessary adjustments/additions that are needed, such as expanding your keyword list, changing ad copy, or adjusting bids.

Option 2: PPC Campaign Setup and Monthly Management for Bed and Breakfasts and Inns in Larger Markets

For client in larger markets, we offer complete hands-on management that includes:

  1. Full PPC Campaign Setup: We perform thorough keyword research, create a keyword list, write ad copy, set up the campaign within Google AdWords, and set up tracking and reporting through Google Analytics.
  2. PPC Management: Dedicated bed and breakfast or Inn PPC specialists (not software) monitor and manage your campaigns daily. We ensure campaign consistency in traffic and conversions, and keep tabs on what your competition is doing.
  3. Ongoing Research and Consultation: We consult with your team as often as need to make any necessary adjustments to your campaign such as: expanding your keyword lists, changing/testing ad copy, adjusting bids for certain keyword groups, testing new keyword markets, and expanding into new geographical/international markets.

Creating and optimizing your Bed and Breakfast or Inn’s PPC campaign

These are the steps that go into every DobayDesign PPC campaign:

  1. Keyword Research: Your PPC campaign is based on a detailed analysis of your hotel and competitive landscape. We put in extensive research time to make sure we are using the right keyword mix to meet your specific revenue goals.
  2. Creative Ad Copy Development: Dedicated PPC ad writers create effective ad titles and descriptions to help maximize click-through and conversion rates. Ads are continually updated and tested for optimal results.
  3. Landing Page Selection: We help you determine which of your website pages are the best places to land PPC visitors. Our recommendations help you boost site conversions and reduce bounce rates.
  4. Campaign Tracking: We ensure that proper tracking is installed on your website, so that you can successfully track PPC conversions and ROI.
  5. Account Maintenance: Ongoing campaign management includes monitoring your budgets and conversions; testing new ad copy; and adjusting bids and keywords to continually optimize results.
  6. Monthly PPC Analysis: Our paid search director performs a monthly analysis of your campaign relating to your goals, keyword costs, and conversions. We go beyond ROI and evaluate user engagement to help you determine the overall benefit of your PPC efforts.

Contact us to find out which bed and breakfast or inn PPC program is right for your property and market.