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Mobile Marketing

Just as the internet changed the way people are doing business, Smart Phones are changing the way people access the internet and your online presence needs to adapt. Mobile sites are the new requirement of an online presence. Having a mobile site means that no matter how your potential bookings are coming to you, they have a pleasant experience waiting for them.

As part of your business’ marketing strategy, you should consider a mobile site. You don’t want to settle for a website that is compatible with a mobile browser, you want a website specifically designed for a mobile browser. A mobile site is a separate adaptation of your website designed to fit the smaller screens of a mobile device like a smart phone or PDA such as the Apple iPad. These websites are lighter versions of your full site that load quicker and easier but still provide the same information your full-service site does on a larger scale and all at a lower level of frustration than accessing your full-service site would produce.

Don’t think that a mobile site is a necessity right now? Then consider the following:

  • More than 90% of the U.S. population has a mobile device of some sort.
  • By 2013, there will be 308.7 million subscribers in the U.S., which equates to 96.7% market penetration for mobile.
  • Mobile bookings are projected to hit $160 million in 2010.

A mobile website is just one more tool that savvy innkeepers are using to gain the attention of their potential clientele.

Mobile Marketing: Our Services

Innkeepers need to answer the challenge of the larger hotel chains to compete for the available clientele. A mobile website is one way for small businesses to gain the guests that are known to access the web via these mobile devices.

Mobile Website Design

The first and most important step in mobile marketing for hotels is to have a mobile version of your current website. People searching on mobile platforms are served mobile-friendly websites first; non-mobile websites often do not show up in the search index at all. The staff of DobayDesign can provide a mobile website that is easy for mobile users to navigate, and provides the basis for all subsequent mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile Booking Engine Integration

A mobile booking platform that can help you covert mobile visitors into revenue is the deciding factor for your online success. Your mobile website will end up being no more than a brochure website if you fail to integrate a compatible booking engine. The DobayDesign team will make sure you find a mobile booking engine solution allowing you to make your mobile website experience that much more effective and increasing your online bookings at the same time.

Mobile SEO and PPC

DobayDesign’s marketing team integrates mobile SEO and PPC strategy into every client’s online marketing campaign. In addition, mobile stats can be segmented and reported, so you can see exactly how many mobile visitors you are receiving, and how they behave.

Mobile Call Tracking

The “click to call” option on mobile phones provides a very compelling reason for you to start tracking calls. Now is the time to start tracking the value of mobile web. Remember, mobile browsers are not just looking – every smartphone can be used to immediately contact your hotel to book a room or ask a question.

Mobile Guest CRM

Mobile phone outreach is a great way for you to complement your traditional email-based CRM strategies. Using a strong permission-based platform, you can now connect with your guests and boost your loyalty programs, using mobile phones as the connector.

SMS Marketing

This is one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies, and one that already has an excellent track record. A whopping 97% of all SMS marketing messages are opened (83% within one hour), making it one of the best push marketing efforts out there. This form of marketing absolutely has to be permission-based; we can help you set up your SMS marketing program the right way.

Mobile Coupons

Sending out solicited mobile coupons is a great way for hotels to offer loyal guests repeat discounts. It also has become a great tool for selling incremental services to hotel guests, such as spa services, tours, food and beverage discounts, and more.

Mobile Apps

Should you be getting a mobile app for your hotel? We not only help you answer that question, but also match you with the right approach. There are many reasons to build a mobile application, but it’s not cost-effective or appropriate for every bed and breakfast client. We’ll help you make sure that your app is worth the investment, and that it is meeting the top goal of any good b&b app: retaining and engaging your guests.

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing delivers customized media content directly to mobile device users who are near your inn’s location. We help our clients get the most out of their mobile marketing efforts by keeping up to date with location-based marketing trends and technology.

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